Ever wondered how to create a curved wall using KD Max?

Here we go through the steps necessary to draw a room in KD Max with a curve in the wall!

1. Firstly draw up your room using the line tool which can be found in Design > Line. This will allow you to draw your room freehand with assistance from the snapping tools. Remember this can be adjusted later.

2.  The arc parameter tool allows several methods of drawing.

Select the option that best suits the design you’re going for.

Three-points arc allows you to select a start and an end point. You can then draw the arc manually.

Fillet allows you to select two walls and draw the arc from the points selected.

The third option allows users to define two points as the radius.

The final option allows users to define the start point, radius and angle.

In this example, we are using the Three-points arc option.

3. Now finish drawing up your room. Make sure that the room is enclosed as in the next step we will be turning our lines into our walls.

4. Once the room is enclosed, navigate to Start > Build Wall and click on the outline. This will create walls based on what has been drawn using the parameter tool.

5.  The drawn area will now be enclosed, ready for you to jump into 3D.

Now add some windows, doors and a ceiling and you’re ready to start designing!