Looking to create a mirror for your bathroom or kitchen in KD Max?

Follow these simple steps to create your own mirrors for your KD Max drawings.


To get our desired result, we will first start by adding a Decorative Panel, which can be found by navigating through Start > Products List > Kitchen > 08: End Panel. In this tutorial, we’ll be using this panel to act as our splashback. 


Once you have selected the Decorative Panel click OK. You’ll now be able to enter the dimensions of the splashback. For the Width field, you’ll want to enter the length of the panel. In this case, I have entered 3000. The Depth refers to the height of the material. I have entered 500. Now the Height refers to the thickness of the material. I have entered 10. Once the measurements are OK click Layout and place the panel in the drawing.


Now navigate to Edit > Material Editor. This will allow us to select material in our drawing and make changes such as reflection and transparency. Before we start, we want to select our decorative panel to highlight what we are changing. We will press the little X on the colour map to remove any properties that the panel may have. We will need to set the RGB colours to 255 on Red, Green and Blue which will make the colour white. As we want to make this into a mirrored panel we want to set our Type to  Mirror > White Mirror.


It might not look like a mirror, but this is only because it doesn't whilst editing. To finish off your mirror you simply render your job and you will see the results.