To add in a flooring design, you will need to use the Tiling function.

This function is located under the menu title Fit Up > Tiling.

You will now be prompted to ‘Select a region to be titled‘,

Click on the floor.


 Next, it will bring up your floor in the 2D design. 

From here we can add in the flooring design you want. 


Now we can add in our flooring element. 

Simply drag your image into KD Max and select your dimensions. 


Now we want to ensure our boards have no gap between them. 

Right click on your selected image that you have just placed and select Ceramic Region>Change Slice Gap and select zero.

Now we will select the style of tiling we want to have, here we have selected Offset tiling. The Offset tiling setting will pop up, simply click OK.


 Next, move your cursor over to the opposite corner of your tiled region & left click to accept.

Alternatively you can press the 'F' key to fill the region. 

Finish by clicking on the 3D button to view your tiled region.


Your floor is complete.