Want to apply a door profile to your side panels in KD Max to keep the look of your kitchen consistent?

Follow these simple steps to quickly apply a profile to your end panels!


Firstly ensure you have a door profile applied to your current drawing. This can be done through Setting > Style Settings > Door. You’ll then be able to select the colour of you’re cabinetry as well as the door shape.


Now navigate to Panel > Turn to Door. Select the side of the cabinet you wish to change to the door style and press Finish.

If you have handles on your door follow the below steps:


Navigate to Setting > Reselect One(multi) Door/Drawer and select the panel you wish to remove the handle off. 


Uncheck the Install check box and select OK.

Congratulations! You now have a cabinet with a door profile! Repeat these steps to achieve this effect across the room.